Are you unfamiliar with the issues at stake when it comes to web content? Do you need tailor-made content to boost your website’s audience?

Your content is the first point of contact with your online audience. Optimising your content promotes your website upwards on search engine results’ pages because it corresponds both to the needs of your audience and the expectations of the search engine’s robots. The average time spent on a web page is 30 seconds; writing content for the web requires therefore a specific know-how in order to retain the attention of visitors knowing that. Web writing techniques, such as information organisation, visual distinction of elements on a page, header optimisation, etc. are numerous and complex. Entrusting a professional with the creation of your web content ensures a high-reading rate on your website.

We produce a wide array of editorial and multimedia content in 40 languages that we can optimise in line with a specific SEO strategy, whether it is for an e-commerce or institutional website, social platform or lifestyle blog. Our professional copywriters are selected carefully, considering the relevance of their experience in the nature of your editorial project.

Beyond textual content, visuals are also fundamental since they draw the eye immediately to a web page, and this is why we also provide iconographic support.

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6. Integration

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