Do you know how to boost your online presence and become a leading player in the world of e-commerce? Do you want to play a substantial role in your sector and secure a competitive advantage?

Edit-Place can help you with the two main elements in e-commerce business: branding and performance. Within this complex and highly competitive ecosystem, an insightful content strategy will help boost both your online presence and conversion rates.

Our solutions

  • -SEO audit
  • Industry benchmarking to identify your competitors and their strategies
  • Web scraping and analysis of data
  • Social audit
  • Creating an editorial line for your brand
  • Identifying the best volumes and formats for your editorial production
  • Editorial brief and production schedule
  • Identifying the best writers and translators for your mission
  • Copywriting and translation of e-commerce pages integrating SEO techniques
  • Copywriting and translation of product descriptions within a 72-hour delivery time to gain sale days and boost your conversion rate –
  • Iconographic and video production to make your content shareable and social media friendly
  • Tailor-made technical support with an optional dash boarding tool to control your content production throughout your mission and back office integration of your content.
  • – Use of a performance dash boarding tool
  • Analysis of key KPIs for your business
  • Analysis of your ranking and traffic
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Study of acquisition costs
  • Analysis of your social media presence
  • A/B testing
  • etc.

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