Are you a leading expert in your sector? Do you want to produce guidebooks which share your expertise but lack the time and editorial resources?


Edit-Place connects your company with a network of 4,000 writers with expertise necessary to write high quality guidebooks whilst integrating the relevant SEO techniques. In doing so, you can propel your website to the first results’ page on Google for search queries including the keywords ‘why’ and ‘how’.

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A guidebook or shopping guide is a practical document written by an expert on a technical subject, e.g. ‘How to choose the best tyres for my bike?’ or, ‘What criteria should I look at when buying my next TV?’ They aim to educate consumers and serve as a call to action for a purchase. Guidebooks are sustainable channels to increase conversion rate amongst customers as they allow your site to hold a long-lasting favourable ranking for the main keywords in your industry, for search queries including questions (how, why, where, etc.) or long tail keywords.

Before writing, we select the best contributors with knowledge and experience in your market. While writing, we do our best to answer pertinent questions in a structured way on the subject of your choice. After writing, we deliver the guidebook in the format that best suits your technical protocols or we integrate it directly within your back office.

BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE: 660 guidebooks written on real estate topics

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