So, you love our SEO strategic recommendations and the quality of our content but you’re still unsure how to integrate it easily and quickly onto your website…

Do you want an easy system for exchanging files and receiving your editorial content?

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Our technical teams take care of your data exchanges whatever your needs.


Do you need to translate your product descriptions into English from a product catalogue in French? Do you want to optimise the SEO content of about 100 pages and need to easily transfer category pages to us?

CSV, XML, JSON, EXCEL… whatever the export format for your data, we are able to receive it and treat it.

Does your CMS or PIM prevent you from exporting data? We can gather the content from your website and transmit it to our editorial teams.


Once our editorial teams have produced your content, we can deliver it in the format that best suits your technical protocol in order to facilitate its integration within your back office (.csv, .xml, etc.).

In addition, we can also implement a partnership between your technical team and ours so as to manually or automatically integrate your new content seamlessly within your back office.

The files that we deliver or that we integrate will comply with your technical requirements: HTML, CSS, tags, SEO, etc. We are also able to customise the layout of your pages displaying your new content within your back office.

Do you want an easy way to monitor your editorial production?
We also provide a tailor-made content management platform solution or Content Factory from which you can follow the evolution of your editorial missions, your translation (including translation memories) and your budget. The features are customisable depending on your needs.

A specific request?

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