Do you want to internationalise your content while keeping it authentic?

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International expansion is now within reach of any company thanks to new technologies, but language barriers have yet to be completely broken down! At Edit-Place, we translate your content into more than 40 languages to bolster your global development.

Our professional translation service is available for all types of content and all language combinations: French to English, Italian to German, Spanish to Arabic… We are also able to adapt the content to the cultural specificities of your chosen languages and to the market for a new audience.

Depending on the complexity, duration and volume of your project, we can use translation memory technologies in order to harmonise your content and reduce your production costs.

Our translation solutions


We test the expertise of our contributors to guarantee a high-quality translation regardless of the format of your content, its source language or your market sector.


We adjust your translation to local language usages and we adapt your content to legal, political and cultural specificities of your targeted countries.


We fully revamp your content to make it fit perfectly with your target audience.

Our translation offers

Thanks to our expertise and our network of contributors, we can assist you in the copywriting of your editorial content. Are you struggling to handle the technical side of your content production? Our technical team supports you throughout the entire editorial project to help you monitor your production and seamlessly integrate your content into your back office. And, because a text just wouldn’t be the same without images, we also provide an iconographic solution.

A specific request?

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