What are the reasons behind our high performance in editorial production?

Our editorial production is supported by our platform called Workplace which was developed in-house. This complete technological solution optimises our workflow by allowing the different levels of the production chain to work together even while completing independent tasks. This enables us to focus solely on the quality of the end products we deliver to your company.


Workplace can put you in touch with our network of contributors for editorial missions that do not require our intervention.


Workplace takes care of your orders and uses its data to match our contributors with your specific needs for complex editorial missions.


Workplace is the focal point of our activity. The data accumulated throughout the years enables us to efficiently and scientifically define time frames and production costs for your projects.


Our CRM optimises the matchmaking between your mission and our copywriters/translators network thanks to its sourcing and bidding tool. The expertise of our contributors is evaluated through quizzes and test articles and their skills are displayed on their portfolios.


Workplace also possesses a kind of artificial intelligence that helps us remain agile in the way we manage our projects. Each piece of content we produce follows precise steps within the platform to guarantee uniqueness and quality.

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