The story behind Edit-Place


The beginning…

Marie Fouris and Julien Wolff, founder of Oboulo, created Edit-Place in Paris; a digital marketing agency offering copywriting and translating services in 40 languages with a technical and SEO assistance. 2010


Growing together…

From a small collective of writers, the agency now boasts a network of more than 4,000 freelance contributors! We work with well-known brands: Trainline, L’Oréal, River Island, Expedia, Arsenal…

Since 2010

Hello London!

The Editorial Team moves to the vibrant East London area of Shoreditch. Julien and Marie now travel between London to see the editorial production and Paris, where our content strategists and technical team are based. In Bangalore, India, our expert developers refine and perfect our technical platform for managing projects and resources.


Merging with Webedia…

Edit-Place became part of Webedia group, the French world leader in online content. With more than 50 sites and applications (Allociné, PurePeople, Puretrend,,, EasyVoyage, etc.) and many influential video makers (Mixicom, Allyance Network, Paramaker), the company gets more than 90 million unique visitors monthly across all its projects, more than 27 million of which come from France.


Moving with the times…

The very nature of our agency, initially focussing on writing content as a means of improving online visibility, has evolved. Our expertise has grown and our range of editorial and multimedia content has diversified in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of this growing market. How? Thanks to our iconography team, dynamic visuals accompany our text. Thanks to our content strategists, our SEO guidelines are detailed and optimised. Thanks to our technical service, we can help our clients with online integration and strategic publishing of their content.

Since 2015

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