Sales managers

Sales managers will almost always be your first contact point with our agency. Always ready for a good chat, they are well informed about our company and are adept at understanding your specific needs in order to guide you throughout our range of editorial and technical solutions.

Account managers

Once our partnership has been established, one of our account managers will be there to make sure that we are meeting your needs at all times. Experts in crisis management, our account managers are there to listen, anticipate and utilise their communication skills to solve any problem you might encounter.

Content strategists

Thank to their analytical minds and their ability to make sense of data, our content strategists thoroughly scan both your website and those of your competitors. They evaluate the keywords, subjects and formats which will make a big impact in your sector in order to help you craft an SEO strategy with unique content and visuals that will please both Google and your audience.

Head of sourcing & CRM

Right before launching your content production, the sourcing and CRM managers go through our database of contributors to identify and recruit the freelancers that best suit the specific needs of your project.

Editors in chief

Problem solvers and true leaders, our editors in chief are your vital go-betweens. Crucial in managing the time and resources allocated to your project, they work with all of the teams (editorial, technical, content strategists, etc.) to deliver top-notch content.

Editorial project managers

Editorial PMs are the key intermediaries within our production team so that you can all remain on the same wavelength throughout your editorial project. Along with staffing/CRM team, the editorial project managers closely manage the team of contributors that will produce content for your company.


Copywriters, translators or proofreaders, Edit-Place wouldn’t exist without its loyal freelance contributors. Thanks to their unique expertise in key market sectors (fashion, travel, insurance, etc.), they deliver top-notch content for your target audience to enjoy and help your company reach its business objectives.


Afraid of fashion faux pas? Do not worry, our agency has a creative team of iconographers with the finest of tastes who will select high quality visual content to perfectly match and optimise your written content and your brand universe.

Technical project managers

Content Management Systems and XML can take many forms. To ensure that our writers produce content that can be seamlessly integrated into your platform and that you can monitor with minimal fuss, our technical project managers create tailor-made intuitive environments to ease and support the online publication of your new content!

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